London Part. I

Bonsoir bonsoir, après ma looooongue, très très longue absence, je suis de retour avec des photos de mon voyage à Londres. Bisous bisous


My new color is White

Robe : Sandro

Pochette : Chanel

Chaussures : Zara

Head-Band : Zara

La gente fuma y bebe por unos días y se vuelve adicta, yo estoy estudiando desde mi infancia y aún no soy adicto, eso se llama autocontrol.

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Hablar sobre temas paranormales y después no querer ir ni al baño solo

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liams reaction a fans sign that said ”you saved me from killing myself in 2011 & helped me meet my girlfriend who keeps me alive. Thank you!” xx

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Eleanor’s Bags: Mulberry Del Rey


dancerforlife14:  Can life not get any better! Met Harry today. He was soooooooooooooooooo……. nice. Got 3 hugs from him, signed my phone case, and took selfies with me. Aston waved at me while riding a bike. Oh and I am seeing the shown again tomorrow as H’s (Harry Styles) guest. Yup, I am one of the fee people with VIP passes and on a guest list. All i need now is to get my call from Legere for the Nutcracker cast and I am good. Thank you so much for taking the time to come out and meet me. It really made my day.

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